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Tuesday 9 September 2014

items for rent!


to all b2b
now my dress, veil and hb (by puan intan) 
are up for rent!

fabric handbouqet 
from pn intan
size L
warna: pastel
harga rent: rm35 + refundable deposit

veil + tudung set
warna : offwhite
details: heavy patched beaded chiffon

dress set (with or without veil)
warna: off white
size: fit M to L
pm for size details
details: modern baju kurung
material: saree (heavy silver-beaded chiffon)

please copy and paste this inquiry template
and send it to

item interested: hb/veil set/dress set/ dress and veil set
no telefon:
tarikh pengunaan:
leave ur question: 

and of course terms and conditions applies!

feel free to contact and inquire..insyaAllah akan di reply asap.
good luck for your preps ladies!


Orked said...


tp Lmbt Lg nk wed.nnti dkt2 kite contact.hehehe

BTW, saye foLLower br. free, visit/foLLow La ye

iyfahjo said...

thanks dear! good luck for ur preps!

missGogreen said...

cantek sgt baju mcm nak sewa ja :)
btw..baru follow awak..

missGogreen said...

cantik sgt :)

Rina Ellisa said...

nice dress sis :)

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