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Saturday, 8 December 2012

review : photographer

salam you all!
rindu nye nak ber blogging! 

so hari ni nak review 
for solemnization and groom's reception

iyfah mmg sangat recommend 
my photog ni sebab bagus keja dia

dia offer package with 2 photographers
which i think sgt bagus sbb tak semua angle photog ble amik
dan style mereka pun lain2 sket

kami discuss sekali dua je 
and they came on the day on time
both of them sangat peramah
and kalau nak ajak sembang sampai esok pun bole

very professionals
they love green area
and loving2 shots

well, sgt recommended la konklusinye

you could book them under
ni kira few vendors under one roof la
they just rebranded the company

so have a try!
confirm puas hati :)


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